I read the recent announcement from Salesforce on their launch of Sustainability Cloud with great interest. Launching in 2011, we built Scope 5 to solve similar problems. As I read further, I was struck by the similarities – from the Salesforce post announcing the product:

you’re ready to make a difference — and you’re looking at…old spreadsheets. And constantly bugging stakeholders to send updated data for those spreadsheets. You’re overwhelmed by the data you’re looking at because it’s mostly incomplete.

And from an early Scope 5 post:

the blending of the spreadsheets is turning out to be a nightmare, requiring endless version management and email correspondence…respondents have sent revised spreadsheets after the first, with highlighted cells that contain corrected (or previously missing) data

This is about as great a market validation as we could hope for – a sign of the times – of the rising tide behind the move to hold ourselves accountable for our impacts on this planet! 

Yes – it’s competition, from a respectable company. And, at Scope 5, we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve been learning and honing our product based on feedback from the large multinational enterprises that have been customers of ours for years. 

We welcome competition – the more awareness there is in the market regarding the expertise and tools available to organizations who want to improve their sustainability, the better.

Bring it on Salesforce! We’re all in this together!