A few years ago I left my job with Expeditors, where I was leading, tracking and reporting sustainability, to join Scope 5. Now I help sustainability professionals simplify their lives, enrich their data and make the reports they produce more meaningful.

Along the way I’ve listening to the frustrations and complications that hundreds of sustainability professions face in their organizations. A recurring theme emerges from these conversations regarding the wide range of reporting cultures: from anecdotes about “greenwashing” claims lacking any substantial evidence-based data to broad-based sustainability teams reporting strong, transparent and measurable progress towards public climate targets.

While progress, learning and (dare I say it) joy are possible across this spectrum, I focus on helping the leaders and change agents who do this work because it aligns with their values, and who, despite the obstacles, find ways to create positions where they build support for their work. Working with these intrapreneurs, I am excited to see their organizations commit, year over year, to sharing their results and learning from them.

I spoke with member organization Washington Businesses for Climate Action (WBCA) about our shared goals and our work to make measurable, real progress towards CO2 reductions among corporations so their people and communities can thrive. Check out the interview here and consider joining WBCA.