When sustainability reporting starts getting coverage in sports-related publications, you know we are getting somewhere! Scope 5 was excited to be covered (along with some of our sport-y customers) in a recent GreenSportsBlog post.

Here’s an excerpt:

Seattle-based K2 Sports, a leader in the winter sports/ski equipment world since 1962, has made sustainability an important part of its day-to-day ethos over the last decade or more.  With winter sports feeling the effects of climate change in the here-and-now, companies like K2 Sports have a vested interest in making their business operations as energy efficient and as clean as possible. The company is making significant greening strides, “from energy efficiency to the use of better materials” and is committed to doing more, says Matt O’Laughlin, Senior Design Engineer.

O’Laughlin is one of 15 K2 Green Teamers who work on various sustainability-related projects for the company, on an extra-curricular basis. The challenge for K2 has been measuring and reporting on all of its sustainability-related activities.  ”The City of Seattle provided us with an Excel-based tool”, reported O’Laughlin, “but it was extremely time consuming”.

Enter Scope 5, also based in (very Post Super Bowl Ecstatic) Seattle. According to Derek Eisel, Scope 5′s Director of Sales, its sustainability data management software gives organizations the ability to, quickly and easily, “quantify and report CO2 emissions and other environmental and sustainability data.”  These data are then used to make business decisions on, say, how best to reduce carbon emissions.  Or to project what the costs of potential carbon legislation in China might be.

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