Have you heard claims from your local grocery store chain or airline about their greenness and thought, “yeah right”, because you work in sustainability and put “yeah, right” on the end of most of your thoughts? Where do you go to find out which companies have publically committed to what measurable goals? I’ve been looking for a list like that for a while (because I help sustainability professionals quantify their company’s progress towards those goals), but haven’t found anything good. I was a bit surprised to find exactly what I was looking for when I reconnected with Jeff Gowdy in anticipation of New Metrics in Boston. I met Jeff two years ago at the New Metrics in Philly when he was talking about his work with Goodyear. Now he’s back to talk about his work with Pivot Goals. If you’re a sustainability professional interested in measurable, transparent change, then you might consider checking out his presentation. If you do, please say hi. I’m the guy with the long hair and the beard who may look a bit like a civil war re-enactor, but am quite friendly. Also, have you found a good list of companies’ environmental and climate goals? I’d love to know about it. For more details about this Sustainable Brands session see here.

I’ll be posting on twitter from New Metrics @derekeisel.

Bob Willard and Jeff Gowdy are on twitter at @bob_willard and @JGowdyConsult.