WBCA governor photoLast week Scope 5 joined sustainability professionals from a number of WA businesses to meet with WA Governor Jay Inslee. Scope 5 is a member of WA Business for Climate Action (WBCA) and the meeting was a chance to share with Inslee things we’re hearing from business about sustainability. Inslee shared with us his plans to get help from the WA Dept. of Ecology towards some kind of cap on carbon in WA. We are grateful to work with such innovative businesses on this chance to reduce emissions statewide. And since you can’t manage what you don’t measure we are honored to play a role in helping sustainability professionals measure their environmental metrics, including carbon, and demonstrate CO2 reductions, cost savings and improved performance. Read more here about the WBCA and Governor Inslee’s announcement which followed a few days after our meeting. http://www.weebly.com/uploads/3/7/7/2/37727253/wbca_press_release.pdf
Is your business a member of WA Business Climate Action? Learn more about the WBCA here: http://www.washingtonbusinessforclimateaction.org/