Robust software capability with flexible pricing that meets your needs.

Sustainability consultants working with public entities and private companies have told us they want to use Scope 5 on a project basis. This reflects a desire for a pricing model that aligns with how consultants like you engage with clients.

Spend more time shaping client strategy, less time wrestling data.

Sustainability consultants prefer not to waste time collecting and organizing data when the alternative is driving real change for clients.

Increase impact for your clients.

These are a few ways Scope 5 helps you, as a sustainability consultant:

  • Use data to set targets… track progress as clients implement your recommendations.
  • Evaluate and manage your client’s portfolio of sustainability projects; forecasting their impact too!
  • Support clients interested in implementing GHG Protocol’s new Scope 2 Guidance for dual reporting.
  • Make internal carbon accounting possible, department by department, for clients on the leading edge.

Of course, Scope 5 makes reporting much easier, but you knew that!

Access Scope 5 on-demand.

This service comes with all the functionality of Scope 5 Enterprise™ with up to 200 trackers.

Cost month-to-month is $1,395, paid in advance via Automated Clearing House (ACH) or credit card payment.

There is a one-time set-up and tear-down fee of $2,000 per client instance, paid in advance. This includes four hours of consulting for data import and data export assistance.

Other Terms

If your customer already has an active subscription to Scope 5 Enterprise with at least 1,000 paid trackers, your use of Scope 5 Consultant covers 2,000 trackers.

If the customer’s Scope 5 Enterprise subscription expires, Scope 5 will honor your Scope 5 Consultant license up to 30 days from the last day the Scope 5 Enterprise license is active.

Professional Services

As an additional benefit for you, Scope 5 offers data technician services for $125 per hour, and professional services like solution customization and training for $205 per hour.

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