Scope 5’s flexibility extends to how we work with customers and consulting firms. Customers can work directly with us to set up Scope 5 and import their data. We also collaborate with customers’ existing sustainability consultants. And our Scope 5 Solution Partners stand ready to contribute their expertise.

Scope 5 Solution Partners are highly qualified sustainability consultants with varied expertise and an understanding of how to effectively incorporate Scope 5 into their services.

CascadiaCascadia Consulting Group

From waste to stormwater, recycling to energy, and climate change to sustainable landscaping, Cascadia is deploying Scope 5 software to help clients identify resource conservation opportunities, track success, benchmark against goals, and communicate results.

Cascadia develops and implements innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Our mission is to pioneer a sustainable future, making a positive difference for our clients, our community, and the environment.

EKOSEKOS International

EKOS specializes in strategic sustainability analysis and planning, sustainability reporting, and employee engagement in sustainability improvements and innovation. EKOS has partnered with Scope 5 to provide clients with an integrative approach to “Creating Sustainable Value” as a strategic platform.

Founded in 1996 EKOS is one of the thought-leading consulting firms in the country guiding organizations as they integrate social, environmental, and economic sustainability into enterprise-wide business strategy, and embed sustainability into product innovation, world-class operations, business development, and new ventures.

Good CompanyGood Company

Good Company helps clients easily and efficiently manage their sustainability data where the key insights and opportunities for action are clear. Working with a cloud-based data management system like Scope 5, these objectives can often be realized quickly.

Good Company is a sustainability consulting firm that provides analysis, strategy and implementation services to help clients better their performance. Our clients share our mission of making sustainability work and value both critical and creative thinking for their operations, their projects and their new ventures.

Kestrel ConsultingKestrel Consulting

Kestrel consults with cities, counties and special districts throughout the West on issues related to sustainability and funding. We often suggest new ideas, tools and approaches to solve problems, and we secure grants and partnerships to implement sustainability programs.

We think that Scope 5 solves a problem that many local governments and businesses face, namely: how to make reporting on sustainability efficient and accurate. Cities can use this tool to track progress implementing climate action plans. Businesses can use Scope 5 to report on their sustainability programs.

Kestrel Consulting ( provides strategic planning and consultation to government agencies, businesses and community organizations. Our project experience includes water supply, water quality, ecosystem restoration, recycled water, and sustainability projects, with particular emphasis on funding through grants, partnerships and environmental markets. Over the last thirteen years, we have helped our clients obtain more than $38 million in state and federal grants. Kestrel has helped local governments in California to secure grants for climate action planning, green business initiatives and innovative approaches to carbon offsets. Funding continues to be available for new climate action plans and projects in 2013.

NBISNetwork for Business Innovation and Sustainability

With Scope 5, we help companies use metrics management to get the full benefit from their sustainability initiatives. Our experience setting up this platform ensures optimum value: flexible and accurate metrics management, cost and impact management, a foundation for GRI and CSR reporting, new opportunities and employee engagement.

NBIS, the Network for Business Innovation and Sustainability, is the Northwest non-profit dedicated to enabling professionals and businesses in driving profitable sustainability. We bring nine years experience leading companies and organizations toward deeper and more effective sustainability management.

O’Brien & CompanyO’Brien & Company

For more than 20 years O’Brien & Company has helped clients create a more sustainable built environment. We provide leadership from our deep technical expertise in green building to provide a variety of consulting and training services. We are experienced in measuring performance for individual buildings, across a portfolio, and even across a governmental jurisdiction. We know how to facilitate a collaborative process to design a right-sized tool that will track meaningful outcomes, not just data points.

For commercial and residential property owners, managers and developers looking to track and improve their sustainability achievements, we use Scope 5 to capture a broad array of metrics beyond just utility bills, including GHG emissions, water savings, purchasing and landscaping strategies, and even social justice initiatives.

Rain City Consulting Group Inc.Rain City Consulting Group Inc.

Rain City is specializes in developing business partnerships between Aboriginal Communities and industry across Canada. Our team is deploying Scope 5 software to help our clients measure and identify all efforts in the protection and conservation of the environment throughout their respective traditional territories.

Anything is possible when Aboriginal governments and Canadian business combine forces to change the world for the better. And with the help of Scope 5, our team at Rain City here to add value to each and every opportunity.

Ross Strategic

Ross Strategic helps public, private, and non-profit organizations design, execute and improve sustainability and social responsibility programs and initiatives. We work with clients to harness information to support strategic learning, rapid improvement, value creation, and collective action.

Ross Strategic sees Scope 5 is a powerful platform to support decision-making and employee engagement, not just sustainability reporting. We can help partner organizations deploy Scope 5 in creative ways that support organizational strategy and sustainability initiatives. Ross Strategic also helps organizations implement Scope 5 to catalyze supply chain networks and sector-based sustainability initiatives.

Sustainable Business ConsultingSustainable Business Consulting

Sustainable Business Consulting has a well established reputation for using high-integrity metrics at the core of consulting services. Now, in addition to its best-in-class spreadsheet solution, the firm offers clients the option of using Scope 5 for enhanced data capture, planning, progress tracking and reporting.

Sustainable Business Consulting delivers dynamic strategies and action plans that increase profitability, enhance brand value and bring our client’s climate and sustainability goals to reality.

“After more than a decade of sustainability consulting, we have found that spreadsheets have reached their limits. Scope 5 is the first SaaS [software as a service] alternative we’ve seen with the functions, flexibility and pricing that suit our business and government clients.”
   Joshua Skov, Principal, Good Company

“Scope 5’s approach allows organizations to track progress over time in meeting their sustainability and climate mitigation goals – we are hearing increasingly from our clients that this is a feature they want.”
   Spencer Reeder, Senior Manager, Cascadia Consulting Group


“Scope 5 is a straightforward, cost-effective solution for local governments and businesses to track and report on sustainability measures.””Increasingly, organizations are asked to do more with less. Scope 5 helps our clients report on sustainability and climate action goals.”
   Monica Reid, Principal Consultant, Kestrel Consulting,Inc.


“Scope 5’s system allows Aboriginal governments to track their efforts towards protection and conservation of the environment and all bio-diversity with the ability to share their progress with the community – creating a story we can all support. ”
   Colin Doylend, Director, Rain City Consulting Group


“Aboriginal cultural ethics are the foundation of our ancestral strength which has been embodied in Aboriginal people since time immemorial. Scope 5 is a new tool that helps track and guide us in honouring ancestral ways while engaging in profitable ventures.”
   Tyson Atleo, Director, Rain City Consulting Group

Scope 5 is methodically building a network of Solution Partners that wish to bring the benefits of Scope 5’s accessible solution to their clients. New Scope 5 Solution Partners:

  • Are North America-based consulting firms
  • Experience and expertise includes deploying GHG inventory solutions
  • Have a roster of sustainability-oriented clients that are already using spreadsheet-based tools
  • Are innovators with a thriving, growing sustainability practice in support of private and/or public sector organizations
  • May already have partnerships with other software providers
  • Are intrigued with the idea of adding an accessible, adaptable solution to their toolbox

Does this sound like your firm? Contact us.