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Derek Speaks at Blink UX

In a talk with user experience experts at a recent Blink UX event, Derek Eisel of Scope 5 shared insights into how employees are interacting with sustainability data, including sites like CDP and CSRHub. […]

How Internal Carbon Fees are Like Sub-Metering

Over the past several months, we’ve seen increased interest from medium to large organizations in implementing some sort of carbon pricing. To a large degree, this seems to have been inspired by Microsoft’s success in implementing an internal carbon fee (ICF), which, they claim, now saves them over $10 million each year. It's an exciting [...]

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What we Learn from Lego

Over the years, I’ve played with Lego blocks side-by-side with my two young boys. This is precious time – a sweet and welcome change in pace from the frenetic work of running a growing, early stage, software company. Nonetheless, as I’m kneeled on the floor in their playroom building forts and space-ships, I often find [...]

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Washington Businesses for Climate Action

A few years ago I left my job with Expeditors, where I was leading, tracking and reporting sustainability, to join Scope 5. Now I help sustainability professionals simplify their lives, enrich their data and make the reports they produce more meaningful. Along the way I’ve listening to the frustrations and complications that hundreds of sustainability [...]

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Translating Complex Data into Meaningful Results

I was thrilled to see a recent blog post from one of our power users, Emily Hanning, Senior Sustainability Manager at Outerwall. In her post, Emily calls out the basic benefits that she finds so valuable in Scope 5. These are the very same benefits that we, the Scope 5 team, consider our product’s core [...]