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The Potential of Internal Carbon Pricing Policies

The original version of this Scope 5 article was recently updated and published on TriplePundit... As more and more organizations start putting a price on carbon, a critical first step is having the cost of carbon felt directly by those emitting it.

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It’s Up to Us Now: Use Transparency To Make Your Buying Decisions

As a gay person whose career is devoted to slowing/adapting to climate change, this presidential election is disturbing. I've had some time to sit with it and remain more focused and committed than ever to this path I've been on for some time. To those Republicans who have said that with a smaller federal government, [...]

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New Metrics Conference in Boston: The Future-Fit Business Benchmark and Pivot Goals featuring Jeff Gowdy and Bob Willard

Have you heard claims from your local grocery store chain or airline about their greenness and thought, “yeah right”, because you work in sustainability and put “yeah, right” on the end of most of your thoughts? Where do you go to find out which companies have publically committed to what measurable goals? I’ve been looking [...]

Understanding “Ton-Miles” and their Impact on our Choices

In a recent blog post, I mentioned the decentralization of food (or in broader terms, the decentralization of stuff). One benefit of increasing local production is a reduction in the impacts of freight transport. A lot of our customers include freight transport in their emissions inventories and so I decided to take a little closer [...]

Picking The Right Tool for the Job: Energy Management & Sustainability Data Management Tools

The landscape of sustainability data management tools can be dauntingly complex. One of the most common pitfalls that we see is the confusion between energy management tools (EM tools) and more general sustainability data management tools (SDM tools). In this post, we’ll briefly explain the difference between the two. Generally, EM tools are targeted at facility [...]