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Sustainability Reporting: Tracking Your Critical Metrics

Determining which sustainability metrics an organization should track is one of the most important issues facing practitioners today. The breadth of metrics is large. Basic activities that generate emissions are obvious places to start. Typical examples are electricity, stationary combustion, mobile combustion and fugitive emissions. But the real question is which one of these metrics, [...]

5 Myths About Sustainability Software Every CSO Should Know

Every now and then we receive a well-intended, but naïve inquiry from a company or organization looking for us to solve every part of their sustainability reporting challenge. Many in this group are on a Quixote-like quest for a “magic button” to produce a glossy Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR) with one push of a finger, [...]

What is the ROI of Sustainability Reporting Software

Sustainability reporting has become a common practice. Once the province of a few unusually green or community-oriented companies, sustainability disclosure is now a best practice employed by companies worldwide. Today 95% of the Global 250 issue sustainability reports. Firms continuously seek new ways to improve performance, protect reputational assets, and win stakeholder trust. Benefits like [...]

How Basic Mistakes Disrupt Effective Greenhouse Gas Accounting

The origins of modern financial accounting standards are centuries old. The origins of greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, by contrast, are two or three decades old. Is it any wonder we’re still working out the details? At Scope 5, much of our work revolves around helping our clients develop methodologies for and conduct, their greenhouse gas [...]

5 Common Pitfalls of Sustainability Reporting

More than ever, stakeholders want to know about an organization’s sustainability performance. They want to know that information appearing in a company’s annual sustainability report is accurate, supported by evidence and tied to actions that produce results. In the early days of sustainability reporting, so-called “greenwashing” could result in bad PR and a loss of [...]