Moving the Needle on Sustainability

/Moving the Needle on Sustainability

10 Questions for Assessing Your Organization Readiness

Learning how sustainability fits into your organization starts with understanding strategic alignment, and moves quickly to issues like resource use and reporting needs. Scope 5 has developed 10 questions that help you get going in areas that matter most.

Scope 5 Helps Columbia Sportswear Produce Their First Emissions Inventory

Christina Barry-Simmons and Lex Agapinan used their Pinchot University graduate project to demonstrate the value of measurement and transparency in supporting Columbia Sportswear’s sustainability work. I interviewed them to find out if they are in fact crazy. […]

Translating Complex Data into Meaningful Results

I was thrilled to see a recent blog post from one of our power users, Emily Hanning, Senior Sustainability Manager at Outerwall. In her post, Emily calls out the basic benefits that she finds so valuable in Scope 5. These are the very same benefits that we, the Scope 5 team, consider our product’s core [...]

The Scope 5 Questionnaire: City of Bellevue

In the spirit of Marcel Proust’s famous questionnaire, we at Scope 5, put together a few questions to ask people who are moving the needle on sustainability. In this post we spoke with Emma Johnson and Paul Andersson from the City of Bellevue. Emma’s answers in red Paul’s answers in blue 1. What is the [...]