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Scope 5 on Carbon Offsetting

Scope 5 encourages our clients to purchase carbon offsets in the context of a broader carbon pricing scheme. First and foremost, enterprises should continually seek to eliminate or reduce carbon emissions by shifting away from fossil fuels and towards renewables where possible*. A portfolio of carbon offsets should then be employed to offset those enterprise [...]

10 Questions for Assessing Your Organization Readiness

Learning how sustainability fits into your organization starts with understanding strategic alignment, and moves quickly to issues like resource use and reporting needs. Scope 5 has developed 10 questions that help you get going in areas that matter most.

Scope 5 Helps Columbia Sportswear Produce Their First Emissions Inventory

Christina Barry-Simmons and Lex Agapinan used their Pinchot University graduate project to demonstrate the value of measurement and transparency in supporting Columbia Sportswear’s sustainability work. I interviewed them to find out if they are in fact crazy. […]