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Sustainability Reporting: Tracking Your Critical Metrics

Determining which sustainability metrics an organization should track is one of the most important issues facing practitioners today. The breadth of metrics is large. Basic activities that generate emissions are obvious places to start. Typical examples are electricity, stationary combustion, mobile combustion and fugitive emissions. But the real question is which one of these metrics, [...]

10 Questions for Assessing Your Organization Readiness

Learning how sustainability fits into your organization starts with understanding strategic alignment, and moves quickly to issues like resource use and reporting needs. Scope 5 has developed 10 questions that help you get going in areas that matter most.

Scope 5 Helps Columbia Sportswear Produce Their First Emissions Inventory

Christina Barry-Simmons and Lex Agapinan used their Pinchot University graduate project to demonstrate the value of measurement and transparency in supporting Columbia Sportswear’s sustainability work. I interviewed them to find out if they are in fact crazy. […]

Staying Afloat in Water Management: Practical Tools for Evaluating and Reporting Water Use

I'm in Boston for two days and I’m already missing home a bit, so I’m excited to see Val Fishman speak on water at New Metrics. Aside from the natural affinity with the topic that you’d expect from someone with Val’s last name, Val has deep environmental experience from her work at the Bonneville Environmental [...]