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What is the ROI of Sustainability Reporting Software

Sustainability reporting has become a common practice. Once the province of a few unusually green or community-oriented companies, sustainability disclosure is now a best practice employed by companies worldwide. Today 95% of the Global 250 issue sustainability reports. Firms continuously seek new ways to improve performance, protect reputational assets, and win stakeholder trust. Benefits like [...]

10 Questions for Assessing Your Organization Readiness

Learning how sustainability fits into your organization starts with understanding strategic alignment, and moves quickly to issues like resource use and reporting needs. Scope 5 has developed 10 questions that help you get going in areas that matter most.

Sustainability Metrics as Secret Weapon

The article “Sustainable Business Needs a Moneyball Moment” describes energy efficiency as “the on-base-percentage metric for corporations - desperately unsexy, nearly invisible to the untrained eye, and never mentioned in the post-victory game highlights.” Waste, energy use and emissions data may not be as glamorous as revenue per employee or stock price; however, more organizations [...]