Washington Businesses for Climate Action

A few years ago I left my job with Expeditors, where I was leading, tracking and reporting sustainability, to join Scope 5. Now I help sustainability professionals simplify their lives, enrich their data and make the reports they produce more meaningful. Along the way I’ve listening to the frustrations and complications that hundreds of sustainability [...]

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Translating Complex Data into Meaningful Results

I was thrilled to see a recent blog post from one of our power users, Emily Hanning, Senior Sustainability Manager at Outerwall. In her post, Emily calls out the basic benefits that she finds so valuable in Scope 5. These are the very same benefits that we, the Scope 5 team, consider our product’s core [...]

Staying Afloat in Water Management: Practical Tools for Evaluating and Reporting Water Use

I'm in Boston for two days and I’m already missing home a bit, so I’m excited to see Val Fishman speak on water at New Metrics. Aside from the natural affinity with the topic that you’d expect from someone with Val’s last name, Val has deep environmental experience from her work at the Bonneville Environmental [...]

New Metrics Conference in Boston: The Future-Fit Business Benchmark and Pivot Goals featuring Jeff Gowdy and Bob Willard

Have you heard claims from your local grocery store chain or airline about their greenness and thought, “yeah right”, because you work in sustainability and put “yeah, right” on the end of most of your thoughts? Where do you go to find out which companies have publically committed to what measurable goals? I’ve been looking [...]