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Support ‘We Are Still In’ to Help Ensure a Sustainable Future

The blogosphere is atwitter about the U.S. Administration’s announcement that “We’re getting out” of the Paris Climate Accord, justifiably so. The groundswell of commitments to continue to pursue emissions reductions despite the Administration’s decision to pull out of the agreement has been impressive. According to We Are Still In, more than 1,200 U.S. governors, mayors, businesses (Scope [...]

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How Basic Mistakes Disrupt Effective Greenhouse Gas Accounting

The origins of modern financial accounting standards are centuries old. The origins of greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, by contrast, are two or three decades old. Is it any wonder we’re still working out the details? At Scope 5, much of our work revolves around helping our clients develop methodologies for and conduct, their greenhouse gas [...]

5 Common Pitfalls of Sustainability Reporting

More than ever, stakeholders want to know about an organization’s sustainability performance. They want to know that information appearing in a company’s annual sustainability report is accurate, supported by evidence and tied to actions that produce results. In the early days of sustainability reporting, so-called “greenwashing” could result in bad PR and a loss of [...]

A Look Inside Virginia Mason’s Innovative Sustainability Program

In recognition of Earth Day, Scope 5 celebrates the sustainability achievements of customer Virginia Mason Medical Center. Lasting accomplishment often springs from humble beginnings. This month Virginia Mason was recognized with the 2017 Circles of Excellence Award from Practice Greenhealth, a national organization dedicated to reducing health care’s environmental footprint. The regional healthcare provider’s sustainability [...]

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Sustainability Reporting to the CDP Doesn’t Have to be Maddening

All it takes for quiet desperation to become outright frustration is one data error or misplaced spreadsheet. As the deadline to submit reports to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) approaches, don’t let this happen to you. Let’s Take A Step Back Challenges like this are rooted in the fact that many sustainability directors and managers [...]