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Transparent and Balanced Sustainability Reporting Builds Trust with Stakeholders

Just taking the first steps towards developing a sustainability program can create the momentum needed to build stakeholder engagement and support. Stakeholders as Readers of Sustainability Reports, a new research report from the Australian Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, examines the impact of sustainability reporting, as well as the concerns and expectations of stakeholders. The [...]

Revolution vs Evolution

Organizations developing sustainability programs no doubt feel pressure to revolutionize their operations when stakeholders demand results and industry experts exhort them to go all in, with the implication that failure to do so is a lack of commitment. Smaller organizations may not have copious funds to devote to sustainability and by necessity need to maximize [...]

Moving Beyond Stone Age Reporting

A recent survey conducted by Ernst and Young on corporate sustainability trends revealed that 76% of respondents compile their data using spreadsheets. While an increasing number of organizations are conducting sustainability reporting, the growth of reporting is hampered by rudimentary tools. As Joel Makower, founder of GreenBiz, points out in his summary of the survey [...]

Sustainability Metrics as Secret Weapon

The article “Sustainable Business Needs a Moneyball Moment” describes energy efficiency as “the on-base-percentage metric for corporations - desperately unsexy, nearly invisible to the untrained eye, and never mentioned in the post-victory game highlights.” Waste, energy use and emissions data may not be as glamorous as revenue per employee or stock price; however, more organizations [...]