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New Metrics Conference in Boston: The Future-Fit Business Benchmark and Pivot Goals featuring Jeff Gowdy and Bob Willard

Have you heard claims from your local grocery store chain or airline about their greenness and thought, “yeah right”, because you work in sustainability and put “yeah, right” on the end of most of your thoughts? Where do you go to find out which companies have publically committed to what measurable goals? I’ve been looking [...]

Meeting with Governor Jay Inslee

Last week Scope 5 joined sustainability professionals from a number of WA businesses to meet with WA Governor Jay Inslee. Scope 5 is a member of WA Business for Climate Action (WBCA) and the meeting was a chance to share with Inslee things we’re hearing from business about sustainability. Inslee shared with us his plans [...]

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On the Three R’s of a Real Sustainability Program

Read Derek's article on Real sustainability programs in Sustainable Business Magazine: I tell everyone, if you want to have a real sustainability effort, start with the three R's: Report, Results and Role. If you don't like acronyms you can just pronounce it rrr like a low growl. I went to a sustainability dinner a few [...]

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The How-To’s of Restoring Local River Flows in Colorado

About this time of year when I see a neighbor with a green lawn I instinctively think <insert expletive here>. I live in Seattle. Imagine how much trickier the scenario is in dryer states balancing the water needs of farmers, companies and residents. I heard a success story out of the Colorado basin where corporations, [...]

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Solutions Movement

Check out this great article about the "Solutions Movement" happening in Sonoma. I met the author, Michael Levitin, while attending the Sustainable Enterprises Conference. Levitin quotes Gil Friend, chief sustainability officer for the City of Palo Alto : "What we’re here to do is to transform the economy of the planet – and to do [...]

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