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5 Common Pitfalls of Sustainability Reporting

More than ever, stakeholders want to know about an organization’s sustainability performance. They want to know that information appearing in a company’s annual sustainability report is accurate, supported by evidence, and tied to actions that produce results. If you're embarking on this process for the first time, or are looking to improve processes already in [...]

New Integrated Feature Helps Organizations Benefit from GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 Guidance

Scope 5 releases a new integrated feature. This Market-indicative approach offers GHG reporters timely, actionable information when utility emissions profiles are incomplete. The Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol’s addition of the market-based method in its Scope 2 Guidance is intended to arm companies with highly accurate emissions data on the energy they buy. But [...]

Get More from Your CDP Reporting

Ready. Set. Go. Get More from Your CDP Reporting Each year organizations invest significant resources collecting, organizing and submitting greenhouse gas data to CDP. Slowing climate change starts with tangible steps like this. Measuring and understanding environmental impact is how we collectively make progress towards building a sustainable economy. Key Updates for This Year’s CDP [...]

Scope 5 Consultant™ for Sustainability Projects

Robust software capability with flexible pricing that meets your needs. Sustainability consultants working with public entities and private companies have told us they want to use Scope 5 on a project basis. This reflects a desire for a pricing model that aligns with how consultants like you engage with clients. Spend more time shaping client [...]

Scope 5 Handles Sustainability Data, So You Can Build Your CSR Story

Scope 5 simplifies CSR reporting   Welcome to CSR Reporting The concept of CSR reporting is almost as flexible as the concept of CSR itself. Every company can define what CSR means to them any way they wish. Each can also choose how to communicate CSR progress in whatever way suitable. The lack [...]